L'Hermione's first calls in the United States

June 2015

L'Hermione arrived last Friday early in the morning in Yorktown. She was welcomed by an important audience interested in seeing the boat that helped change the course of the American Independence. Several of them were dressed as 18th-century people to celebrate her arrival.

Yorktown is an important port in American's history, because of the battle of Chesapeake which took place not far away and allowed the American to reverse the course of the war against the British. L'Hermione and Lafayette played a decisive role in this battle, leading to America's victory over the British army.


L'Hermione fired her cannons as she entered the port. The news of her arrival made the front cover of an important number of local and national newspaper. Next to the boat, a village was set up to introduce the visitors to 18th-century navigation and maritime customs.


A ceremony took place after L'Hermione's arrival. Several officials were present to welcome L'Hermione : Terry McAuliffe, Virginia's governor, French minister Ségolène Royal, Miles Young, the president of the association Friends of Hermione, Thomas G. Shepperd, President of the Yorktown County, Gérard Araud, French ambassador in the United States, Sylvie Marcilly, Vice president of the Conseil Départemental of Charente Maritime, Yves Debien, Vice President of Poitou-Charentes and Frédéric Lefebvre, MP of the French expatriates for North America. 



L'Hermione left Yorktown on June 8th. Her next stop was Mount Vernon, where she was docking until her departure for Alexandria. She arrived in the Old City on June 10th in the night. She will stay in call and be open to the public until June 12th.


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